Saturday, November 6, 2010

the adventures of frankenfoot

I was sitting here actually trying to determine what kind of sound effects my little frankenfoot would make if it could indeed make sound effects..... But, I am pretty sure that all it would say would be.... "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

I think that indeed would be the only sound that it would make. Ok I don't know if you can tell how many little bruises are on that leg and foot but let me tell you there are a lot and probably more than I could count... but playing dot to dot may provide some entertainment for those who are truly bored.
Let me begin with the right side of the photo and the more prominent set of sutures . this is where the bone spur that was the bain of my existance. Apparently said spur was larger than he actually thought but I guess he thoroughly enjoyed removing it.
On the left side and the incision you can't really see... is where he had to repair my ankle from a previous break He went in and put some really cool anchors and redesigned how my ligaments and tendons are.. (and fixed them for a stronger more happy ankle)
The one on the left you can not see how it looks like he shoved a golf ball underneath the skin. very swollen and very blue and very painful. He says he will remove the sutures next week, but I am still not able to put any weight on it at all. I did get a scooter that i prop my knee on and scootch with my foot to get from recliner to bed... or bed to bathroom... or bathroom to recliner... but am on pain medication 24 hours a day.
Yesterday when he checked my foot (which is where this photo came from) he had to readjust and reposition frankenfoot. Which really just kind of torked my foot off and it has been angry ever since.
So much so I had to remove the splint on my foot and rest my foot for 24 hours waiting for the splint to be put back on. ( not sure I am looking forward to that)
Frankenfoot and I watched movies that made us bawl like a baby yesterday... we watched
toy story 3 ... and well some oldies but goodies today.
Post op I am finding EVERYTHING makes me cry. I don't know whether to chalk it up to just a funk from being shut off from life itself. No social life is really taking it's toll. I miss work... and I miss people and interacting with them.
or if this is just something that happens after surgery... and dealing with the chronic pain.
I am trying to have a good sense of humor. but have to say that tears are winning over giggles at this point in time.
Mollie Mae Malicious has been totally awesome .. she is like the lapdog I never knew i had.. she never leaves my side... and is content with just laying with me because I can't move.
I might have to change the Malicious part of her name if she keeps it up :)


  1. the tears are most likely a combination of your life upheaval, and the pain meds. Believe it or not, your foot actually looks pretty good for a post op foot...looks like it is healing well.
    Be well Friend

  2. Merry Christmas Sharr! I hope you are feeling better by now... We are going back on HCG here soon. I hope you follow along with the recipes... of even join us if you want.
    Happy Holidaze!